41st Annual Prairie Flower Encampment

WHAT: Outdoor Cooking and Camping, building or tenting weekend

DATES: May 20,21,22 2022 

LOCATION: Camp Lakamaga

COST:  $25 per person

Questions:  prairieflowercamp@yahoo.com




As we are still seeing significant impacts from the Covid 19 Virus.  At this time, we are expecting Prairie Flower 2022 to be run quite similarly to Prairie Flower 2021.  

Prairie Flower will be held primarily as a day only option.  Troops will arrive on Saturday morning prior to Flag Ceremony and leave Saturday evening.  Troops will have 3-4 program activities periods in the day.  WIDE Activity and 9th-12th event both would be TBD.  Troop/group mingling and size will likely be limited to accommodate social distancing.  And we would be following all Covid guidelines in place the time regarding group size, masking, food preparation, and cleaning.

Troops may have the option to tent camp following River Valleys Guidelines - that would include 1 family per tent, troops would need to be assigned a particular area/bathroom for maintaining Social Distancing.  Food preparation would be outdoors and would follow River Valleys Guidelines.


Registration: Cost, Information, Deadlines

Please Note:

  • Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Registration closes when filled or on March 13th , whichever happens first. Prairie Flower may fill quickly: Space is limited.  ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

  • Cost is $25 per participant (one fee can be shared by adults if they are sharing a spot by splitting the weekend).

  • Registration opens January 20th for NW Metro Troops. Registration can be done online, but remember, registrations will still not be accepted before January 20th, 2020.

  • Rather than requiring half the payment with registration, your entire payment will now be due at the mandatory leader meetings in March 5th or 8th. Registration is still a first come first served basis.

  • Please register only those people you are sure will be attending. Space at  Camp Lakamaga is limited. Refunds will not be given unless there is a  waiting list. 

  • Two adults with three maximum.  THIS IS A GIRL EVENT! Each extra adult takes away a girl's ability to participate. 

  • If a troop brings extra adult(s) who are not needed to meet Safety Wise supervision requirements, one adult attending with that troop needs to lead or help at three of the four Saturday program periods or their equivalent such as helping the kitchen.  REMEMBER! Per Safety Wise, all adults attending with girls must be registered and have had a background check. If there are special needs girls in the troop and more adults are needed, please contact us via email to confirm this. 

  • Troops need to pay the entire fee By March 31st.



We have 2 GREAT projects that exemplify Kids Helping Kids.  We hope you will contribute to both.

nexus-17697-service project.jpg

Required Leader’s Meeting for all participating troops:




Troop leaders only need to attend one of these.





At least one adult from each registered troop must attend one of these meetings. This adult should be helping the troop prepare for the event and must be accompanying the troop on the trip to Prairie Flower.  Information, necessary forms, maps, schedules, program choices, food, health and safety requirements, etc. will be covered at the meeting.

No upcoming events at the moment

Whats New for 2022?


Leader Meeting: There will be a Virtual and In Person option.  New and returning troops must have at least one adult who is attending come to the meeting and plan to stay for the whole meeting.  1.5 hours is scheduled.  There will be lots of time for asking questions. 

Covid Adjustments: As shared above or check out the forms section for the full Covid plan.

Program:  Programming will be adjusted to accommodate social distancing, smaller class sizes, limited troop co-mingling, all troops will be required to attend program together, we are pausing the options for older girls to choose as buddies for this year, more cleaning requirement before and after classes, and possibly more of self-led or limited facilitation on some activities.  No food related classes this year.  New Program Offerings - Sit Upons, Rocket Science, Soap Making, Sun Art, Flower Tiles/Coasters, New Hike options at Camp, for 9-12th Girls an Older Girl After Party.

Outdoor Cooking Theme:  Outdoor cooking competition is CANCELLED again this year.

Permission/Agreement Form can be accesses as an APP now.  



Other Important Information


Camping equipment:  Each troop needs to bring its own equipment. Families are good sources.

Site: Lakamaga is located on Big Marine Lake near Scandia, MN. See the River Valley's website for more information. 

Attending troops need to be prepared to carry the troop and personal gear for a few blocks to their lodging site. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED BEYOND THE PARKING LOTS. No Exceptions. Carts are available for  troop use.

Buildings and cabins have predetermined capacities. Attending troops will be sharing facilities to maximize participation. 

When registering, troops will be asked to pick between 3 lodging options:

  1. Buildings and cabins and Yurts

  2. Individual troop tenting.

When registration for an option has reached its capacity, additional troops requesting that option will be contacted regarding their choice of another option or to cancel their registration.


At the March leaders meeting, we will go over the lodging selection process. Placement will be done after May 1st. Troops will be notified by May 12th as to where they will be lodging.

Food: Each troop is responsible for its own food. ALL COOKING MUST BE DONE OUTSIDE—No Exceptions. Kitchens in all buildings will be off limits to all troops. Cooking can be done using camp stoves, charcoal, wood fires or non-heat methods. 

REMEMBER! Per Safety Wise, any troop using a heat source to cook their meal must have a current First Aid/CPR trained adult present during cooking time.

Fire scars are limited so the first two options are recommended. Food cannot be stored in any building, cabin, or platform tent on this site.

Both breakfasts can be purchased from Prairie Flower, if desired. Information is available on the website. Troops need to bring their Friday meal prepared or eat before they come. There will not be time to cook Friday night.  

Program:  Program options may include: Archery, Art Projects, Sports, Games, Service Project, Campfires, Pontoon Rides, Kayaking, Friend Making, Outdoor Cook Off, Hiking, Flag Ceremonies, Singing, All Camp Activities

The list of program choices are available on the website. Unlike years past, program selections will not be due at the leader meetings. We will go over the program selections and how to fill out the forms at the leader meeting. 

New program ideas are always welcome. Let us know if there is something you would like to lead or do that is not on our list. 

Leadership opportunities for Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors and adults are available. Those interested should email us about the various possibilities.


Prairie Flower Weekend Schedule - Traditional Year

This is subject to change and will be shared at the Leaders Meetings in March.


4:00–7:00      Arrival, set-up, dinner if needed (no cooking fires)

7:00–8:00      Explore the site

7:45–8:00      Informal Flag Ceremony

8:00–9:00      Welcome gathering

8:30 or 9:15   Leaders meeting (attendance required by at least 1 adult per troop) – dining hall

9:00–11:00    Senior and Ambassador event at Old Lodge

9:30              Quiet time begins (troops at lodging sites)



7:30              Quiet time ends

8:00–8:45      Breakfast at dining hall

9:00–9:25      Flag Ceremony (attendance is required)

9:30–10:30    Program period 1

10:45–11:45  Program period 2

11:45–2:00    Lunch and troop time

2:00–3:00      Program period 3

3:15–4:15      Program period 4

4:15–7:00      Dinner and troop time

7:00–7:30      Flag Ceremony, Flag Retirement

7:30–8:45      All camp wide game

9:00              Troop time

9:00–11:00    Senior and Ambassador event at Old Lodge

9:30              Quiet time begins (troops at lodging sites)



7:30              Quiet time ends

8:00–8:45      Breakfast at dining hall

7:00–9:15     Pack-up, load vehicles in parking lot

9:15–10:00   Flag Ceremony, Scouts Own, and Award Ceremony

10:00–10:45  Camp clean-up, pack-up, evaluations, check-out, departure

11:00             All troops must be gone from the site