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43rd Annual Prairie Flower Encampment

WHAT: Outdoor Cooking and Camping, building or tenting weekend

DATES: May 17, 18, 19 2024  

LOCATION: Camp Lakamaga

COST:  $30 per person


2022 Consideratons

Registration: Cost, Information, Deadlines

Please Note:

  • Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Registration closes when filled or after the second leader meeting in March, whichever happens first. Prairie Flower may fill quickly: Space is limited.  ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

  • A waiting list will be started if the camp fills up and you You should plan to come to one of the March leaders meetings even if you are still on the waiting list, we will be able to confirm your place by the second meeting and there is much bigger likelyhood you can get in.

  • Cost is $30 per participant (one fee can be shared by adults if they are sharing a spot by splitting the weekend). 

  • Registration opens January 20th. Registration is done online and the online form will go live on January 20th.

  • Payment is due at the mandatory leader meetings in March. You can pay at the in person leader meeting with Check, Cash, or Credit Card, or you can contact Liz Adams to arrange a credit card payment over the phone.  Or you can mail a check to Liz 

  • Please register only those people you are sure will be attending. Space at  Camp Lakamaga is limited. Refunds will not be given unless there is a  waiting list. 

  • Two adults with three maximum.  THIS IS A GIRL EVENT! Each extra adult takes away a girl's ability to participate. 

  • If a troop brings extra adult(s) who are not needed to meet Safety Wise supervision requirements, one adult attending with that troop needs to lead or help at three of the four Saturday program periods or their equivalent such as helping the kitchen.  REMEMBER! Per Safety Wise, all adults attending with girls must be registered and have had a background check. If there are special needs girls in the troop and more adults are needed, please contact us via email to confirm this. 

  • Troops need to pay the entire fee By March 31st.  Link to Pay Online

Service Project



Please contact if you are interested and have an idea.

Required Leader’s Meeting for all participating troops:



At least one adult from each registered troop must attend one of these meetings. This adult should be helping the troop prepare for the event and must be accompanying the troop on the trip to Prairie Flower.  Information, necessary forms, maps, schedules, program choices, food, health and safety requirements, etc. will be covered at the meeting.

Leader Meeting
No upcoming events at the moment
Whats NEW

Whats New/Different for 2024?

Price:  After reviewing the new Rental Prices for camp, we have make the decision to increase our prices to $30 per person.  We appreciate your understanding.  

Program:  New Programs, Quadball (pending MN Quadball team availability), Household Chemistry (potions class), Puzzle Competition, Basket Weaving, Flower Friendship Bracelet, Pop-up Card making, Woodburning Crafts, Beaded Dragonfly Craft, Gnome Craft, Bottle Fish Craft, String Art, Eco Dyeing, And the Escape challenge will be new this year, Home-Sweet-Gnome based on the Caddette Trees Badge. We are exploring the possibility of having a Saturday Evening Balloon Fencing Tournament if there is interest.

Schedule: We have added time to Lunch to allow troops more time for preparing lunch, and to allow the outdoor cooking contest to be conducted during the Lunch time rather than during a program period/

Outdoor Cooking Competition:  We have a special ingredient theme this year....SQUASH.  You cooking entry must include some form of squash.  We are also trimming the categories.  So this will be judged based on PAL and if we have enough in each category, will award a 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each.  The three categories will be Junior, Cadette, Senior/Ambassador.  Your dish can be savory or sweet, and you can use any type of squash.

Breakfast:  OK, we know, everyone loves the Prairie Flower Cinnamon rolls, so they are coming back.  But a little different this year.  We are not going to offer the full breakfast spread as in the past, but we are offering fresh, hot baked cinnamon rolls, to-go, both Saturday and Sunday morning, $1 per roll. You can order them when you register for camp.  If your numbers change, we can adjust.  

Leaders Meetings:  Will both be in person as we no longer have the Zoom option.

Online Payment Options:  We are hoping to have an option for paying online similar to last year, but with a better fee rate.  :)

Other Information

Other Important Information


Camping equipment:  Each troop needs to bring its own equipment. Families, Service Units, and the Council are good sources for getting supplies you may not have.  If you have a need - check with the Prairie Flower committee and we will help connect you with a source.  There are also some companies locally that will rent equipment (University of MN and REI for example)

Site: Lakamaga is located on Big Marine Lake near Scandia, MN. See the River Valley's website for more information. 

Attending troops need to be prepared to carry the troop and personal gear for up to a few blocks to their lodging site. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED BEYOND THE PARKING LOTS. No Exceptions. Carts are available for  troop use.

Yurts and cabins have predetermined capacities. Attending troops may be sharing facilities to maximize participation. 

When registering, troops will be asked to pick between 2 lodging options:

  1. Yurts and/or Tamaray Cabins

  2. Individual troop tenting


When registration for an option has reached its capacity, additional troops requesting that option will be contacted regarding their choice of another option or to cancel their registration or added to a waitlist.

Food: Each troop is responsible for its own food. ALL COOKING MUST BE DONE OUTSIDE—No Exceptions. Kitchens in all buildings will be off limits to all troops (including refrigerators). Cooking can be done using camp stoves, charcoal, wood fires or non-heat methods. 

REMEMBER! Per Safety Wise, any troop using a heat source to cook their meal must have a current First Aid/CPR trained adult present during cooking time.

Fire scars are limited so the first two options are recommended. Food cannot be stored in any building, cabin, or platform tent on this site.

Program:  Program options may include: Archery, Art Projects, Sports, Games, Service Project, Campfires,  Kayaking, Friend Making, Outdoor Cook Off, Hiking, Flag Ceremonies, Singing, All Camp Activities

The list of program choices are available on the website. We will go over the program selections and how to fill out the forms at the leader meeting and program selection will be due by April 1st.  We expect that the girls in the troop will select their program options - not leaders.

New program ideas are always welcome. Let us know if there is something you would like to lead or do that is not on our list. 

Leadership opportunities for Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors and adults are available. Those interested should email us about the various possibilities. or Fill out the Volunteer Form.  

Weekend Schedule

Prairie Flower Weekend Schedule


4:00–9:30      Arrival, set-up, dinner if needed, Troop Time

7:00-8:00      Yard by Dining Hall - SWAP time

9:30              Quiet time begins (troops at lodging sites)


7:00              Quiet time ends

7:30–8:45      Breakfast at dining hall for volunteers (all others at your assigned location)

7:30–8:45      Arrive and Check in at Camp for troops arriving on Saturday

9:00–9:25      Flag Ceremony (attendance is required)

9:30–10:30    Program period 1

10:45–11:45  Program period 2

11:45–2:00    Lunch and troop time

2:00–3:00      Program period 3

3:15–4:15      Program period 4

4:15–4:45      Clean up/Transition Time

4:45–5:30      Closing Ceremonies, Awards, Flag Ceremony, Flag Retirement

5:30-6:30      Yard by Dining Hall - SWAP time

5:30-8:30      Check out time for Troops leaving on Saturday

5:30–9:30      Troop Time

6:00-8:30       Older Girl After Party for Seniors and Ambassadors

9:30              Quiet time begins (troops at lodging sites)


7:00              Quiet time ends

7:00–11:00    Breakfast, Clean up, pack out and head home.

8:30-11:00     Check Out for Troops leaving on Sunday

11:00             All troops must be gone from the site

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